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10 Reasons to use Social Media

10 Reasons to use Social Media

Have you dipped your toe into social media yet? It could drastically improve your business success.

1. Tell customers about you

How do people know what your business does? Using social media gives a ‘voice’ to your business and has the ability to make you more welcoming to potential and existing customers and staff.

2. Tell success stories

Showcase success stories your staff or customers have had. Storytelling is a powerful way to engage people in the work you do. What stories does your organisation have to share?

3. Become an employer of choice

People listen to what their friends say, and what they recommend (or not). If you have staff who love their work, why not encourage them to tell others? Become an employer of choice, reduce staff turnover and increase staff satisfaction.

4 Engage a wider audience

Does your business provide services or products to a local community? If so, people outside your area may not have even heard of you. Creating an online presence for your business (and showcasing that work) widens your audience.

5. Get online, build your brand

Do you have a Marketing Strategy? What is your brand and how do you communicate it? If the answer is ‘no,’ start planning. People need to know your brand, recognise it and know what it represents. Using social media is great for this.

6. Get feedback

Engage customers and stakeholders, let them provide feedback and act on it. You can do this with social media, making something onerous, much easier. Warning: if you use Twitter, ensure its monitored and someone capable is charged with responding, appropriately.

7. Open debate

Social media offers an opportunity for great dialogue. By sharing and collaborating with others you become the ‘go to’ organisation for information. Why not start a conversation by posing a question?

8. Co-produce

Use social media to co-produce a product or service with customers. Co-production is important in community services, but has been used in other sectors for some time now, by Lego (using the DesignByMe 3.0 platform where you design your own Lego set: where customers are co-producers and co-creators).

9. Paint a picture

If ‘a picture tells a thousand words’, why not use pictures and video to tell stories and engage hearts and minds. Showcase your people in action and tell others what sets you apart from the rest. Check out our BNI Presentation, this video tells our story in under 5 minutes.

10. Promote

Warning: use caution here. Using the points above, you will create a strong base to promote your organisation and its services. Social media ticks the box for advertising (growing your brand) but users don’t want to be ‘force fed’. Find a happy balance of casual talk and promotion.

Finally, give people a voice. Clive James’ farewell poem, Japanese Maple gives a voice to terminal illness. It was published in The New Yorker and shared widely on social media.

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10 Reasons to use Social Media
Do you fully understand why your business can benefit greatly from social media? Gerard explains in 10 simple steps.