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Gerard Groves

Who Is Gerard?

Thanks for looking me up. My name is Gerard ‘Ged’ Groves and I work for BarclayJames as ‘Creative Executive’; this means I do the creative thinking that gets your service off the ground and on the web. I also produce short comedy YouTube videos with an audience of over 300,000.

I have been eating, living and breathing film since I was a kid. I’ve been creative my entire life, but when I was about nine I decided to run around my back garden dressed as Doctor Who with my mum’s video camera; that was the beginning of the biggest passion to consume my life. I get the opportunity to produce amazing promotional videos at BarclayJames for your business or club; turning my hobby into a career.

I also put Photoshop to use on a regular basis to create fun stuff, from logos to digital paintings. This translates into the business world when I produce your logos or website’s graphics. We can produce a recognisable brand, that makes your business instantly jump lightyears ahead. Reading and writing fiction is also something I love whenever I have the time; having recently begun writing screenplays, and stand up comedy – as a result I ended up performing my comedy to over 6000 people in 2013.

Web design, graphic design, photography and video production isn’t something I’d call my job – it’s a passion I live for.

-Gerard Groves

  • Google's Christmas Party

    Google held an exclusive party Christmas 2012

  • I'm a Mug

  • Visiting YouTube

  • Acting in a short film

  • Promotional art for my web-series

  • Promotional photography for my web-seires

  • Poster for my short film

  • Promotional art for my YouTube channel

  • Press VIP tour of Universal's Harry Potter Studios

  • Suited and booted

  • Family Christmas

  • Stand Up Comedy

  • Gaming at an event

  • Looking cool at an event

  • Became James Bond for my party


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