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Monthly Archives: February 2015

10 Reasons to use Social Media

Have you dipped your toe into social media yet? It could drastically improve your business success. 1. Tell customers about you How do people know what your business does? Using social media gives a ‘voice’ to your business and has the ability to make you more welcoming to potential and existing customers and staff. 2. Tell success stories Showcase

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Setup POP3 Email on iPhone

Setup POP3 Email on iPhone Follow our simple steps, and you can setup POP3 email on iPhone or an iPad in a matter of minutes. 1. FIND OUT THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION AND MAKE A NOTE OF IT: Your email address/username: example@websiteexample.co.uk Your email password: example123 Your Incoming POP server: mail.example.co.uk Your outgoing POP server: mail.example.co.uk 2.

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