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Kev’s Fencing: A Case Study

Kev’s Fencing: A Case Study

At BarclayJames, we’re proud of what we can offer. We’re extra proud when we can confidently tell clients that we can literally build their business brand from the ground up.

Although we’re great at building functional and stunning websites; we have skills to assist a business from its inception, right through to its launch.

We were approached by a fence panel business in solihull to help them kick-start their small business.

Let’s take a look at some of the areas we cover…

  • Branding
    1. Colour Palette
    2. Logo
    3. Graphics
  • Business Consultation
    1. A ‘Dragons Den’ approach
    2. Risks
    3. Understanding the Market
  • Web Presence
    • Web Design
    • Hosting and Email
    • On-Page SEO
    • Social Media
  • Supporting Media
    1. Custom Photography
    2. Custom Video
    3. Custom Graphics
  • Marketing Materials
    1. Magnetic Signs
    2. Business Cards
    3. Boards
    4. Leaflets
  • E-Commerce
    1. Online Store
    2. Ebay Shop
  • After-Care
    1. Customer Support
    2. Customer Training
Business Consultation
Web Presence
Supporting Media
Marketing Materials

Our methodology for small businesses in Solihull is unique and successful. Kev’s Fencing’s recent successes and growth has proven that.

All of the above can be achieved from under £1000.

Call Callum, the web boss today on 01564 781567