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10 Great Ways to Grow Your Small-Business Facebook Page

10 Great Ways to Grow Your Small-Business Facebook Page

Your business might have a solid selling strategy, however are you a good Facebook marketer?

Facebook estimates that it’s home to more than thirty million active small-business pages. how can yours get noticed? how do you flip one fan into 1,000? Here are eleven awesome (and perfectly legal!) ways to get a Facebook following that convert likes to sales fluidly:

1. Build your Facebook home page
Once you’ve got set up a comprehensive business page, request a personalised web address, like ‘www.facebook.com/YourBusiness’.
Promote your new hub of business across your different social media profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter etc.) and on printed marketing collateral such as business cards, highlighting: We’re on Facebook!

2. Analyse your advertising

Through the admin panel of your page, or the ‘Advert Creator Tool’, you can orchestrate simultaneous marketing campaigns on your small to medium budget. The benefit of Facebook advertising, is that it tracks your customers’ responses in real figures. Examine what works and engineer your efforts according to that very response.

3. Use Facebook Graph search

Imagine one of your Facebook Likers at the centre of a spider web… Graph Search enables you to learn more about them, through the other pages they have liked. This information leads you to pools of like-minded individuals to target. It’s a cheeky, albeit ingenious, way to extend your online reach.

4. Add a Facebook “Like” button — wherever possible

You don’t need to be a total internet genius to embed a button on your website, or chances are a good web developer can add one for you. A person visiting your website is likely to be one of the 864 million who are already logged into Facebook that day, and may be inclined to click a like button, earning you a fuss-free fan.

5. Give the VIP treatment

Pave the way for “Likes” with real incentives. A Mexican eatery chain revealed the locations of their free burrito-wrap giveaways only through Facebook status updates, driving traffic to their business page. Who can argue against a free lunch?

6. Partner up

Find businesses with complimentary offerings to yours — for example, a dog walker could form a partnership with a grooming service. Find businesses with a similar amount of likes and approach them with an offer to cross promote your businesses, whether it be a joint offer, a competition or a mention. It’s the easiest way to double your following. Collaboration is key!

7. Have a great responsive website

More than 19 million people routinely access Facebook through their mobile devices and tablets – and if they visit your website; they need to see the right thing. Any reliable web developer should be able to offer you a responsive website that’ll give the user a great experience, on any device.

8. Talk the talk.

Facebook enables you to connect with your customers above and beyond an Instagram shot or a 140-character tweet. Pages are designed for businesses to engage in detailed discussions with their target audience, which generates amazing word-of-mouth advertising.

9. Be a source.

Content marketing is experiencing a boom, with 86 percent of business-to-business marketers adopting it to promote businesses. Publishing factual and engaging articles via your Facebook Page will position your brand as a source of information, securing a following. Experts suggest posting content even up to five times a day, so you’re “top of mind” of your fans.

10. Link to your personal profile.

We all know the feeling of dread when a friend requests a “Like” for their new business venture (which never usually yields a good response). Instead, every employee should link your business page to their personal profile under the “Work and Education” section. Repost content from your page on your wall to attract likes.

These are just a handful of ways to grow your small-business facebook page.

What other strategies would you recommend? Share in the comments section below…