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Who Is Callum


Thanks for looking me up. My name is Callum McCormick and I own two technology businesses; a Media business (this one) that delivers B-I-G Websites for small prices (our strap line) and an IT Recruitment company, BarclayAnderson.com which peaked at over $10M turnover before the recession which caught up with us in 2009. I am also a Consultant Director with BNI

I have previously been a Group Scout Leader for a 300 children Scout Group and was previously the Chairman of our local Village Hall. Because of these two appointments, I am very well known in our local community. I can’t stop being recognised due to my very outlandish and sometimes crazy hairstyle, currently a modest, blonde Mohican. I have since resigned all voluntary appointments. Life’s too short.

I have not spoken about my love of rock drumming and in parallel, my Motorcycle club friendships. I own a 2010 FatBoy custom with extra-wide “Buffalo” ape hangers and super fat rear tyre. I also play in two Harley Bands, The Fat Boys and the Fat Bastards (sometimes known as “Les Bastardos Grande“. I am honoured to have some amazing and extremely diverse friends within motorcycle fraternity – and proud of it.

Finally the family’s Narrowboat. This was the highlight of my life but we sold the boat a couple of years ago. We do have great memories of taking the boat from Birmingham to London and then back up the Thames to Oxford; our maiden voyage and a trip of around 250 locks which took 4 weeks of solid boating. A real pleasure and apparently we’re one of the few families to ever have completed this trip. In all, we have calculated that we traversed through 1,000 locks as a family over three summers. Quite a set of adventures.

A picture apparently tells a thousand words so have a look at these to help you know me better.

It’s a pleasure being your friend. Thank for the ride.

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